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Staff Augmentation Model: How to Make it Work Effective

Staff augmentation model has been around in the business for quite a while now. And, what makes it stand out among other models is in the fact that it is not just a powerful method that is used in filling up any missing skills or abilities inside a company, but is also considerably lesser in costs, compared to other models. Well, that’s a topic for another day! 

As for today, we’d be looking at how to make staff augmentation work effectively in any given company or organization. But before we proceed into looking at that.

What Is Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a type of re-appropriating procedure in which a particular department inside a company or association is enhanced by bringing in qualified assets or staff externally, to complement the pre-existing staff on their work rate and productivity.

And one good thing about this model is that the company adopting it will have total control of its augmented team, where they can decide to either increase or decrease the number depending on the skill set in demand.

However, given that this model often involves the readjustment of staffs and facilities, which spells out some degree of the workload of course, why then do companies choose to adopt it?

Why Choose Staff Augmentation

First and foremost, staff augmentation services are really in high demand in the technological world because, when most IT company’s attrition rate grows above 40%, staff augmentation is the only model that aides in neutralizing this change.  Other reasons why companies adopt this model is because of it:

  • Reduces the time that should have been spent on enlistment; 

  • Creates easy-access specialists outside the company;

  • It’s best for long term projects; 

  • Reduces operational expenses;

  •  Increases the level of task control; 

  • Increases adaptability, which invariably enhances versatility in the given company.

How to Make Staff Augmentation Work Effectively 

And back to the focus of the day, how can you make staff augmentation work effectively? Does it happen by chance? Or is there a particular regiment to be followed? 

Now, here is the thing about staff augmentation model that you should know. If you want to get the most out of it, you need to do things the right way, simple! 

And why is this so important? It is important because of failure to do things the right way, just like in any other model, can end up being calamitous, at the expense of the company adopting it. In other words, watch your steps! That being said, how can a company make staff augmentation work effectively? 

1. By Picking Long Term Projects

For what it’s worth, staff augmentation works best on long term projects. This is why, if you are looking out to developing a website, or a mobile application, which oftentimes could come as a long term project, depending on the client involved, rather than hiring a developer for a one-time time basis, staff augmentation could really prove to be of immense help here, as it will cost less and ensure professionalism in the work delivery.

If you still don’t understand, then try seeing it this way. It just isn’t rational to hire a temporary(one-time) developer for a contract that is going to be a long term one.

For one reason, the cost of maintaining such a contract will be high because the temporary developer will have to be paid from time to time, when new projects come up, rather than a one-time long-term contract payment that would have been made under the staff augmentation model. 

And trust me, that would be no good for a company’s finances if that keeps happening.

So, to avoid additional expenses, it is advisable to make outsourcing or staff augmentation an option when carrying out long term projects because this will not only save the company the extra expenses but as stated earlier, will ensure a higher level of professionalism in the work delivery. 

2. By Spotting Out The Missing Skills In The Company 

For any business to thrive, at least from the most technologically based website we’ve known, when something doesn’t seem right, everything gets paused and re-analyzed. 

Meaning that from time to time, a company ought to make an audit, be it in assessing recent ventures, that will sweep across every department in the company. This should be done to not only check the excesses but the deficit in some skills that may be of high demand in the company. 

And, once this has been sorted out, the company has to categorize these missing skills based on their relevance. Are the skills going to benefit the company not only in a particular project but in the long run? Or is it just going to help in tackling a particular project(one-time projects)? If the latter is the case, then the company should endeavor to use staff augmentation as their mode of operation, to not only achieve their desired result but save cost. 

3. Hire a Utility 

After knowing what projects to focus on(long term) and identifying the missing skillset in your company, the next thing will be to ensure that you hire a short term staff that will not only be well versed in a particular dimension of technology but one with a fair knowledge of other technological skills. You can say, a ‘versatile’ developer. 

This is so because, hiring a versatile long term developer(under staff augmentation) is far better than a short term(temporary) staff with only one specialty, as the former will ensure a quicker rate of project completion, succinctly influencing the company’s productivity level positively. 


To wrap it all up, just as we said earlier, if you don’t carry out staff augmentation the right way, you might end up thinking it isn’t useful. 

Meaning, when next your company is looking out to adopt this model, if they really want to get the best out of it, they need to first consider the time frame of the job they’d be using this model on, spot out the missing skillsets in the company, before choosing to hire a versatile long term staff, that will not only help in quickening the operational processes in the company, but positively influence the productivity level of the company at large.