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42/1, Priportova St., Cherkasy,
Cherkasy Region, Ukraine

Eugene Korpan
+38 (097) 753 57 31
[email protected]

Two weeks free trial

From here, a two dimensional benefit can be achieved because, each developer will have enough time to make an impression on their skills, and you on the other hand, will have the opportunity to evaluate their collaboration with the other employees

Full-stack web and app developers

Each of the developers are good at both front-end and back-end development. Hence, we’ll provide you with engineers who have a wider view of your product from the implementation of design on web-page down to deploying code on a server

is a key  

It’s one thing to write a working software but another to develop that, which will go in line with the client’s expectations. So, in order to avoid creating sub standardized softwares, we specialize not only in providing professional solutions, but always ensure to act based on the product owner’s opinion.

Agile development

To remain competitive, your business ought to be in continuous progress, which is why we use code refactoring and BDD, in updating our principles.

Maintenance & support

Given that we take full responsibility to whatever we’ve written down, upon implementing the project, we will provide you with maintenance, support, and an update of new features that might be carried out.

Free code

Like so many efficient code evangelists, we believe that clear code, which was written based on guides and official documentation, is equal to the high-speed response of your website. Following this procedure, we use code analyzers to discover problems we might probably get to encounter during the process.


Web Development

An entire product development from scratch & further support

Mobile Development

Building of both hybrid and progressive web apps

Consulting Services

Managing project processes, code performance & optimization

UI/UX Design

Catchy design and insightful user experience


Making of smart contracts and supply chain management

Quality Assurance

Testing products on a wide range of devices to get bug free results


At Milestep, every engineer is a full-stack developer who can easily interact with your domestics staffs, develop and launch web and mobile applications, as well as solve every issue related to the project. Here at Milestep, we believe that every new product has the tendency of positively impacting the world someday, which is why we do not just create software, but find durable solutions to make something forward-thinking.

Software company

, provides

full-cycle development services